IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials v7.2 - ELEARNING


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NOTICE: This course was previously known as Fundamentals of IdentityIQ. It has been superseded by a new version. All students should take the latest version of this course unless there is a specific need to learn this version.

The IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials course is designed for SailPoint customers and partners who will be implementing IdentityIQ. This elearning course covers the breadth of performing an IdentityIQ implementation. This class is crucial for technical and project management staff who are new to IdentityIQ. It provides the foundation to benefit from all other SailPoint material and trainings, and to be part of a successful implementation team.

For training on IdentityIQ, the 7.2 training is appropriate for both 7.2 and 7.3 users. We encourage you to learn about the many interesting and useful new options in version 7.3 with your complimentary enrollment in IdentityIQ 7.3 New Features – ELEARNING (complimentary with puchases of this course made after August 31, 2018).

The ideal students for this course are members of the technical team who will be implementing IdentityIQ. These students will have Java and XML knowledge, and be starting an implementation project soon after course completion. Project Managers and other staff involved with design decisions and implementation oversight can also benefit from this training, as XML and Java samples are provided.


To ensure a successful IdentityIQ implementation, it is critical that implementers have a strong understanding of the standard IdentityIQ functions, and that they also understand where and how to incorporate custom business logic in a supportable manner. Throughout this course, the student is introduced to the standard IdentityIQ behavior and also taught best practices for extending the behavior.

This course follows the flow of an IdentityIQ implementation project, starting with installing IdentityIQ, and continuing through configuring and customizing both Compliance Manager (for certification/access reviews) and Lifecycle Manager (for provisioning). Students configure IdentityIQ to connect to and read/write data from business applications, learn detailed information around task (batch job) efficiencies for reading and processing data, and how to write a custom task. Important to any development project, the student learns to leverage the log files and administrative tools to support troubleshooting and advanced configuration. There is a specific focus on hands-on activity.

To help the user confirm their understanding of the content, this course includes both knowledge check questions throughout the videos and exercises, and a self-assessment test.


Prerequisites: IdentityIQ Introduction (free, self-paced, register through the SailPoint University Catalog)

Recommended: It is highly recommended that attendees have a background in XML, Java, Application Servers and Databases.

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Course Access: Access to this course is provided for 90 days from date of enrollment.

Complimentary Enrollment: Within one week of purchase of this course, you will receive email notification of your complimentary enrollment in the IdentityIQ 7.3 New Features  ELEARNING course.


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4 Days