IdentityIQ Administration: Essentials v7.2 - ELEARNING


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NOTICE: This course was previously known as IdentityIQ Administration: Full Track. It has been superseded by several courses. All students should take the latest version of these courses unless there is a specific need to learn this version.  

  • IdentityIQ Business Administration: Certification
  • IdentityIQ Business Administration: Policy
  • Advanced Analytics and Report Usage
  • A majority of content for this course is now found in three separate courses. Find them in the IdentityIQ Business Administration section of the course catalog. Topics include certification, roles, and policy.

    The IdentityIQ Administration: Essentials training course is targeted towards a variety of technical and business users of the IdentityIQ product. The course introduces students to the administrative aspects of the IdentityIQ Compliance Manager including identity access certification, and the IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager including the access request process. This course also covers troubleshooting, support methodologies, and more. This course is appropriate for implementations of IdentityIQ version 7.1 or newer.

    For training on IdentityIQ, the 7.2 training is appropriate for both 7.2 and 7.3 users. We encourage you to learn about the many interesting and useful new options in version 7.3 with your complimentary enrollment in IdentityIQ 7.3 New Features – ELEARNING (complimentary with puchases of this course made after August 31, 2018).

    The ideal student for this course will understand the business access requirements that need to be managed in their enterprise, and have a general ability to work with and configure web-based applications.


    The SailPoint Technologies IdentityIQ Administration: Essentials training course is targeted towards a variety of technical and business users of the IdentityIQ product. These users include security officers, certification administrators, provisioning administrators, role administrators, and the solution support team.

    The course teaches how to understand and report on the IdentityIQ data and how to configure certifications, roles, policy, and risk. Additionally, this course teaches how to administer access requests, password management, and lifecycle events. Lastly, this course introduces users to data onboarding, troubleshooting and support methodologies and tools. There is a specific focus on hands-on activity.

    To help the user confirm their understanding of the content, this course includes knowledge check questions throughout the videos and exercises.


    • Product Overview
    • Identity Data
    • Advanced Analytics and Report Usage
    • Role Administration
    • Certification Administration
    • Policy Administration
    • Risk Administration
    • Access Request Administration
    • Password Management
    • Monitoring LIfecycle and Native Change Events
    • Architecture, Deployment and Dataflow
    • Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Support

    Prerequisite: IdentityIQ Introduction (free, self-paced, register through the SailPoint University Catalog)

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    4 Days