IdentityIQ Administration: Essentials of Lifecycle Manager v7.2 - ELEARNING


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NOTICE: This course has been superseded by several courses. All students should take the latest version of these courses unless there is a specific need to learn this version.  

For business administrators:

  • IdentityIQ Business Administration: Roles

 For system administrators:

  • IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials


This course covers the IdentityIQ administrative functions used to support identity lifecycle activities. It includes the access request process and more. This course is appropriate for implementations of IdentityIQ version 7.1 or newer. The ideal student for this course will understand the business access requirements that need to be managed in their enterprise, and have a general ability to work with and configure web-based applications.


SailPoint Technologies training course IdentityIQ Administration: Essentials of Lifecycle Manager is targeted at identity administration project and access provisioning administration teams, as well as access provisioning curious individuals. These are typically users with extended access rights to IdentityIQ, or those who manage users with extended access rights. Topics cover an overview of the IdentityIQ product, the data contained, how to control access rights, and how to query the data both ad hoc through IdentityIQ analytics, and formally with reports. Additional topics include implementing and administering a role model, modeling and validating enterprise access policies, submitting and responding to access requests, managing password changes and using data driven events as triggers for lifecycle management. There is a specific focus on hands-on activity.

To help the user confirm their understanding of the content, this course includes knowledge check questions throughout the videos and exercises.

Prerequisite: IdentityIQ Introduction (free, self-paced, register through the SailPoint University Catalog)

Course Exercises: Course exercises are completed in a web-based virtual machine.

Certificate: To obtain the course completion certificate you must complete all of the modules (including those indicated as optional) and the course feedback survey.

System Requirements: Make sure your system and internet connection meet all SkyTap Access Requirements. 

Course Access: Access to this course is provided for 90 days from date of enrollment. 

Note: If you need the content from both the Essentials of Lifecycle Manager and Essentials of Compliance Manager, the recommended path is to take the IdentityIQ Administration: Essentials training. . It covers the content for both Compliance Manager and  Lifecycle Manager, plus additional information necessary for supporting IdentityIQ. If you choose to take both the Essentials of Lifecycle Manager and Essentials Of Compliance Manager elearnings, be aware that these courses share content.




12 hours