SecurityIQ 6.0 Introduction


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This course provides an overview of SailPoint’s SecurityIQ product, which helps organizations perform identity governance over their unstructured data resources.


This self-paced course is ideal for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of the features and capabilities provided by SecurityIQ and the specific functions offered to different categories of system users.

Topics Covered

  • Product Introduction
  • Basic User Functions
  • Data Owner Functions
  • Compliance Officer Functions
  • Administrator Functions
The course is composed of five video lessons; an introduction, and a video for each of the four major user classes: basic user, data owner, compliance officer, and administrator. All students should view at least the first two video modules. The remaining three videos are provided to educate users with different types of elevated permissions about the system data, functions, and responsibilities that accompany those permissions.

Next Steps: After completing this course, the next step to learning more about SecurityIQ is the SecurityIQ Implementation and Installation: Essentials course, which teaches the breadth of the SecurityIQ product functionality.


50 minutes