Future Dates for IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning - CLASSROOM

Future Dates for IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning - CLASSROOM


This course was previously known as Provisioning with IdentityIQ.

IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning is specifically designed for individuals who have been through IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials (formerly known as Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation) and are interested in gaining deeper knowledge into SailPoint's provisioning features, either as SailPoint customer or partner.

IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning is led by our highly experienced SailPoint team, and takes place at SailPoint facilities around the globe.


Enrollment opens 3 months prior to training date.

Future dated courses are subject to change. 


IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning covers:

    Provisioning Overview
    Provisioning Object Model
    Connector/Integration Architecture
        Approvals/Forms/Approval Decisions
        Handler/Library Functions
    Dashboard QuickLinks
    Email Templates/Velocity
    Lifecycle Manager (LCM)
        LCM Configuration
        LCM Requests (Role, Entitlement, Account, Password)
        LCM Events (Joiner, Mover, Leaver)
        LCM Workflow Details
    Advanced Topics
        Configureing Retries and Queuing
        Using the Step Replicator
        Using the IdentityModel object to manage Identityies and Accounts

A full overview of topics covered is available in the following document: IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning - Course Overview


4 Days


  • Understand the SailPoint provisioning feature set
  • Learn how to use SailPoint provisioning to fulfill user access related to the following
    • Onboarding
    • Requests
    • Moves
    • Termination
  • Understand the SailPoint Provisioning Pathways
    • Connectors
    • Integration Configurations (SIMs and PIMs)
    • Manual Provisioning
  • Understand the product features available to
    • Create QuickLinks
    • Generate Workitems/Approvals/Forms
    • Send Notifications
    • Audit
    • Provision Access


The SailPoint IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning course is targeted at technical members of an IdentityIQ implementation team.


  • IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials (formerly known as Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation)
  • Experience writing Java code and editing XML

You must provide proof that you have completed or are about to complete the prerequisite course, IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials, prior to the start date. Email registrar@sailpoint.com by 14 calendar days before the class start with any one of the following:

  • The proof of completion you received from Identity University, which is stored in your Identity University account
  • The date and location where you took the prerequisite course
  • Your current confirmed Identity University enrollment in the prerequisite course

Your enrollment will be cancelled, and your payment will not be refunded, if you fail to comply with the prerequisites for this course.

If you have any questions, or to request an exception, email registrar@sailpoint.com.


Setup Requirements

Content is available one week prior to course start date.

  • Provide a laptop or equivalent device that meets the minimum requirements
  • Download Exercises from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment
  • Download Presentations from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment
  • Determine how you'll access the virtual machine
    • Option 1
      • Utilize the cloud-based VM via your browser for this purpose (no need to install any software on your computer)
      • Access the VM through the link listed in your Identity University course enrollment
      • VM access starts the week before class and ends 2 weeks after the last day
    • Option 2
      • Install software to run the virtual machine -- product options: VMWare Player 6.0 (or newer) or VMWare Workstation 10 (or newer) or VM Fusion 6.0 (or newer)
      • Ensure that the computer to be used for the training provides a minimum of 3GB RAM and a minimum 20GB of free HD space
      • Download and unzip the VM zip file from the link in your Identity University course enrollment
      • Test that you can successfully run the VM

Upcoming Classes

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