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What Our Clients Are Saying

Our trainer was a fantastic instructor. She was clear and concise and brought a wealth of knowledge into the training.

- Americas Customer

The training helps me to understand more and also convince me how good SailPoint is :)

- APAC Customer

The professor was clearly an expert in the tool and was incredibly helpful in explaining the various concepts of SecurityIQ in a way which was very easy to understand. He found his calling. He is definitely a remarkable teacher. He was also very helpful outside of the formal instruction. I asked for his help and he took a significant amount of time to help me understand what was going on and continued to give some great advice for different topics that I should learn to assist in my career.

- Americas Partner

Excellent training, I learnt a great deal about Identity Now from the instructors and am thirsty for more knowledge now. Keep up the good work!

- EMEA Customer