AI Services QuickLearn Series


These self-paced QuickLearns provide targeted information regarding SailPoint's AI Services concepts and tools.


In this content, you can explore several SailPoint's AI Services topics including how to use components, key concepts, tools, and more. 

QuickLearns include

  • AI Services and IdentityIQ Integration Configuration
  • AI Services, Role Discovery
  • AI Services, Virtual Appliances IdentityIQ and IdentityNow
  • AI Services, Role Insights
  • AI Services, Identity Data Mapping
  • AI Services, Access Certifications Recommendations

New QuickLearns will be regularly added to this series as new product features and enhancements come out.  Be sure to check back regularly. 

About QuickLearns and QuickLearn Series

QuickLearns are a new Sailpoint training offering providing short, targeted training. Here's what to expect from a QuickLearn:

  • A short lesson no more than 15 minutes in length
  • Free-standing topics - meaning you can pick and choose which you need (or want) to watch without taking a full class
  • Content ranging from topic overviews, to how-to demonstration videos, to games testing your topic knowledge, and more

QuickLearns are organized into series that group related QuickLearns by topic. A QuickLearn Series is dynamic. As technology changes, so too will a QuickLearn series. QuickLearns may be added or removed from a series, and existing QuickLearns may be updated.

For a limited time, while we build out our catalog, access to QuickLearns are free.


1 hour


Learn how to configure IdentityIQ so that it can use the AI Services recommendation engine and role management features.

Learn about Role Discovery and how it can align to an organization's objectives with an access model.

Learn about how AI Services works with Virtual Appliances to interface with IdentityIQ and IdentityNow

Follow along as we cover Role insights and how they are used in an Identity Access Management system.

Join us as we explore the identity data mapping process for an AI Services deployment.

This video covers topics related to recommendations made for Access Certifications when AI Services Recommendation Engine has been configured. A demo is included to show users how to configure a certification with recommendations enabled and how to access recommendations in the IdentityNow User Interface.


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