IdentityIQ Business Administration: Certification v8.0 - ELEARNING


Access certifications (also known as access reviews or attestations) help a business ensure and verify that users have only the access they should have to perform their jobs. This course teaches students how to configure and manage certification campaigns in IdentityIQ.

The audience for this course includes Compliance Officers and Business Analysts. Technical Implementers and System Administrators who need to a more detailed understanding of certifications will also benefit.


Students begin the course by learning about the certification lifecycle and types of certifications that IdentityIQ provides. Then, students learn about each certification type in more detail and perform configurations to create certification campaigns. The course ends with topics on certification monitoring, management, and best practices.

Students work with the following types of certifications: Targeted, Manager, Application Owner, Advanced, Entitlement Owner, Role Membership, Role Composition, Account Group Permissions, Account Group Membership, and event-based certifications.

In this course students will learn to:

  • Select the appropriate certification type for a given business objective
  • Apply the correct certification configuration settings to achieve the desired result
  • Extend certification function using rules provided by the technical team
  • Schedule certifications
  • Confirm the certification configuration
  • Monitor certifications using reports, advanced analytics, and the certifications themselves
  • Use best practices when creating certification campaigns

This training is delivered as a self-paced eLearning course, made up of short presentation video segments and hands-on exercises. Students perform hands-on exercises in a Skytap Virtual Machine that contains all the course artifacts, and work on unguided exercises where they’ll be asked to configure and monitor a certification based on a set of requirements.

Couse Topics

  • Certification Overview
  • Targeted Certifications
  • Manager and Advanced Certifications
  • Application Owner and Entitlement Owner Certifications
  • Role Membership/Composition and Account Group Certifications
  • Event Based Certification
  • Certification Monitoring and Managing
  • Certification Administration Best Practices


Course Exercises: Course exercises are completed in a web-based virtual machine.

Completion Certificate: To obtain the course completion certificate students must complete all of the modules and the course feedback survey.

System Requirements: Make sure attendee system and internet connection meet all SkyTap Access Requirements. 

Course Access: Access to this course is provided for 90 days from date of enrollment.

See the Identity University FAQ for more information.


4 hours


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The training is priced from $ 400.00 USD per participant