IdentityIQ Business Administration: Roles v8.0 - ELEARNING


IdentityIQ roles help businesses simplify their compliance and provisioning processes for their line-of-business users. This course teaches students how to configure and maintain a role model in IdentityIQ. Students begin the course by learning about the benefits of roles and how they fit into the IdentityIQ data model.

The audience for this course includes Business Analysts and others tasked with defining and maintaining roles. Technical Implementers and System Administrators who need a more detailed understanding of roles will also benefit.


Students will utilize IdentityIQ’s role mining capabilities to define roles. Students will create roles using the standard two-tier role model, and then they'll learn how to extend the default model. Students then learn the methods for associating roles to identities.

Additionally, students will learn about IdentityIQ features that support role administration, including role certifications, impact analysis, and versioning. The course also includes tips for managing role projects and changes to role definitions.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of using a role model to manage access
  • Describe the default IdentityIQ role types and their general purpose
  • Define the difference between assigned and detected roles
  • Use role mining tools in IdentityIQ to create Business and IT Roles
  • Define relationships between roles
  • Update a role definition and propagate changes
  • Describe the impact analysis and role versioning features of IdentityIQ
  • Create a new role type or modify existing role types in IdentityIQ
  • Define sunrise/sunset dates for roles and role requests
  • Describe the ways roles are used within IdentityIQ to provision and certify access

This training is delivered as a self-paced eLearning course, made up of short presentation video segments and hands-on exercises. Students perform hands-on exercises in a Skytap Virtual Machine that contains all the course artifacts.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Roles
  • IdentityIQ Role Model Overview
  • Defining Roles
  • Acquiring Roles
  • Role Provisioning Options
  • Extending the Role Model
  • Managing Role Definition Changes
  • Role Best Practices


Course Exercises: Course exercises are completed in a web-based virtual machine.

Completion Certificate: To obtain the course completion certificate students must complete all of the modules and the course feedback survey.

System Requirements: Make sure attendee system and internet connection meet all SkyTap Access Requirements. 

Course Access: Access to this course is provided for 90 days from date of enrollment.

See the Identity University FAQ for more information.


6 hours


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The training is priced from $ 600.00 USD per participant