IdentityIQ Introduction v8.0 - ELEARNING


NOTICE: This course has been superseded by a new version. All students should take the latest version of this course unless there is a specific need to learn this version.

This self-paced eLearning course provides an overview of the SailPoint IdentityIQ 8.0 identity access governance and management product.

The self-paced course is ideal for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of the features provided by IdentityIQ.


In this course students will be introduced to the IdentityIQ platform and its five modules: Compliance Manager, Lifecycle Manager, Password Manager, File Access Manager, and IdentityAI. The course then focuses on Compliance Manager, Lifecycle Manager, and Password Manager, and  overviews what these modules provide to a business and how.

The course consists of 11 web-based video presentations.

Topics Covered

  • Identity governance
  • IdentityIQ platform
  • Identities: foundation for governance
  • Access requests
  • Event-driven provisioning
  • Access certifications
  • Policy and risk
  • IdentityIQ roles
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Extending IdentityIQ
  • Training next steps

Next Steps: After completing this course, the next step to learning more about IdentityIQ is, depending upon your role, either the IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials course (for technical and business implementers and system administrators) or the IdentityIQ Business Administration courses (for business administrators responsible for certification campaigns, policy enforcement, or role programs). You can find descriptions for and register for these courses through Identity University.


2 hours


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This training is free.