IdentityNow Essentials 3: Search and Compliance - ELEARNING


The IdentityNow Essentials eLearning course series provides the foundational skills necessary to implement and administer IdentityNow. This self-paced class, IdentityNow Essentials 3: Search and Compliance, is the third in a sequence of three eLearning classes that make up the IdentityNow Essentials eLearning series.

This class is designed for SailPoint customers and partners participating in an IdentityNow implementation or performing general administration of IdentityNow. The ideal student will have a general understanding of the compliance and audit requirements of their organization and a general understanding of their enterprise access data.


The third class in the IdentityNow Essentials eLearning course series is Search and Compliance. This class covers search techniques, certification campaigns, and policy development.

The class format includes descriptive text, video presentations, interactive components, product demonstrations, and simulated exercises to provide a hands-on student experience.


  • Search
  • Certification Campaigns
  • Executing Certifications
  • Policies


1. Use Search to:
    a. Construct search queries
    b. Monitor data quality
    c. Troubleshoot system processes
    d. Govern access data
    e. View audit reports
2. Define, execute, and oversee a Certification Campaign by:
    a. Defining certifications with filters and search queries
    b. Configuring certification campaigns
    c. Administering reassignments
    d. Overseeing certification campaigns
    e. Certifying access
    f. Configuring email templates
3. Define and apply Policies by:
    a. Determining the proper policy type to deploy
    b. Defining Separation of Duty policies
    c. Creating General policies using search
    d. Assigning subscribers to policy violations
    e. Configuring email templates
    f. Describing preventive policy usage


  • Administrators responsible for a production system
  • Implementers and developers responsible for configuring and implementing IdentityNow


About the IdentityNow Essentials eLearning Series

The IdentityNow Essentials eLearning series covers the equivalent content as the 3-day IdentityNow Essentials instructor-led training course. There are three classes available in this series: 

Though the three eLearning courses can be taken independently, to get the most from the series, take the three courses in order.

NOTE: All three elearning courses are required to meet prerequisite requirements for the course IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configuration.

Course Access Duration

Access to this course is provided for 90 days from the date of enrollment.


6 hours


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