Introduction to Identity Security with SailPoint - ELEARNING


This course was previously named Introduction to Identity Governance with SailPoint. This self-paced eLearning course provides an overview of identity security and how SailPoint can help govern identities and access. This is the first course in the SailPoint course curriculum, and it introduces you to basic concepts related to identity, identity access management, identity governance and SailPoint Identity Governance services.


This self-paced course is ideal for anyone that wants to acquire a basic understanding of identity security and governance. In this course, students are introduced to identity governance, SailPoint Identity services, SailPoint services that use artificial intelligence and machine learning, and SailPoint training and certification programs.


You will learn:

  • What identities are (digital identities)
  • Why organizations need identity governance
  • An introduction to SailPoint services and products
  • How SailPoint can manage identities and access
  • The value of SailPoint training and certification 

Topics Covered

  • Identities (digital identities)
  • Identity governance
  • Provisioning
  • Access request
  • Password management
  • Access certification
  • Separation of duty
  • File Access Manager
  • Cloud governance
  • AI Services
  • IdentityNow
  • IdentityIQ
  • Using cloud identity services with IdentityIQ
  • SailPoint training courses
  • SailPoint certifications

Next Steps: After completing this course, the next step to learning more about specific SailPoint products is to enroll in the free, introductory courses on specific products. An introductory course will cover specific information on the product. You can find the introductory courses and course descriptions through Identity University.

Course Access: Access to this course is provided for 90 days from date of enrollment.


1 hour


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