IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows v8.1

IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows v8.1


IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows is specifically designed for individuals who have been through IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials training and desire deeper knowledge regarding SailPoint's provisioning features, including workflow development and customization of the provisioning process. 

The ideal students for this course are members of the technical IdentityIQ implementation team who will be focusing on provisioning projects, especially those involving workflow customizations. Typically, a subset of the overall implementation team attends this training and provides this expertise. Students are expected to independently navigate within IdentityIQ, and write both XML and Java code. It is highly recommended that students participate in a provisioning implementation project soon after course completion. 

 IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows is led by our highly experienced SailPoint team, and takes place online using remote conferencing technology.


Topics cover the following features of the IdentityIQ Provisioning stack:

  • Workflow Development
  • Provisioning Process
  • Provisioning Object Model
  • Connector/Integration Architecture
    • Custom Connectors/Integrations
  • QuickLinks
  • Generating Approvals/Workitems from a Workflow
  • Email Templates/Sending Emails
  • Custom Auditing
  • Lifecycle Manager (LCM)
    • LCM Configuration
    • LCM Requests (Role, Entitlement, Account, Password)
    • Lifecycle Events (Joiner, Mover, Leaver)
    • LCM Workflow Details (Workflows and Subprocesses)
  • Advanced Topics
    • Troubleshooting
    • Configuring Retries and Queuing
    • Using the Step Replicator Functionality
    • Using the IdentityModel object to manage Identities and Accounts

The course spans 32 hours and consists of a mix of presentations and labs. There is a specific focus on hands-on activity and an open exchange of information.


4 Days


The SailPoint IdentityIQ Implementation: Advanced Provisioning and Workflows course is targeted at technical members of an IdentityIQ implementation team.


  • IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials course
  • Experience writing Java code and editing XML
  • IdentityIQ Implementation: Rules, Scripts, and API course (recommended)

You must provide proof that you have completed or are about to complete the prerequisite course, IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials, prior to the start date. Contact by 14 calendar days before the class start with any one of the following:

  • The proof of completion you received from Identity University, which is stored in your Identity University account
  • The date and location where you took the prerequisite course
  • Your current confirmed Identity University enrollment in the prerequisite course

Your enrollment will be cancelled, and your payment will not be refunded, if you fail to comply with the prerequisites for this course.

If you have any questions, or to request an exception, contact

Note: IdentityIQ Implementation: Essentials is also an acceptable prerequisite in place of IdentityIQ Implementation and Administration: Essentials.

Setup Requirements

Content is available one week prior to course start date through two weeks after course conclusion.

  • Provide a laptop or equivalent device to run the virtual machine for the exercises (see requirements below)
  • Download Exercises from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment
  • Download Presentations from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment
  • Determine how you'll access the virtual machine
    • Option 1
      • Utilize the cloud-based VM via your browser for this purpose (no need to install any software on your computer)
      • Access the VM through the link listed in your Identity University course enrollment
      • VM access starts the week before class and ends 2 weeks after the last day
    • Option  2 (complete the below instructions prior to attending class)
      • Install software to run the virtual machine -- product options: VMWare Player 6.0 (or newer) or VMWare Workstation 10 (or newer) or VM Fusion 6.0 (or newer)
      • Ensure that the computer to be used for the training provides a minimum of 4GB unused RAM and a minimum 20GB of free HD space
      • Download and unzip the VM zip file from the link in your Identity University course enrollment. Access to the VM zip file starts one week prior to the class start date.
      • Test that you can successfully run the VM

Additional Notes

This course does not center around either the Accelerator Pack or Rapid Setup implementation tools, and the VM does not have either tool pre-installed. The strategies and skills taught in this course are most important to implementers who will be defining their own business-specific workflows and provisioning processes, either in lieu of or augmenting the offerings of those tools. The course is still appropriate for customers who are implementing with these tools, who either want to implement supplemental business-specific processes or simply want to understand the inner workings of the workflow and provisioning processes in IdentityIQ that are ultimately used in all provisioning operations.

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Great tutor, flexible and knowledgable.

- APAC Partner

The instructor was thorough in his presentation of the materials as well as very responsive and helpful in providing relevant guidance through the course of the class. I had an excellent time and gained relevant knowledge that can be put to use.

- EMEA Partner

Just want to point out here that my instructor did an excellent job at presenting the content for this course. Not only was he knowledgeable with the course material, but he has introduced them in a way that made it very easy to understand. Instead of just presenting the slides, he went ahead and showed his actual IIQ instance to demonstrate what was in the slides. This made it way more easy to understand and made it feel practical. He is one of the best instructors I've had for online training thus far. Very happy with his assistance.

- Americas Partner

The session was well informative and helpful. The trainer was very inclusive to everyone’s pace.

- Americas Partner

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The instructor is an excellent teacher, presented the content clearly and always answered all students questions. Hope I can get another course with this instructor.

- Americas Customer

The trainer is very knowledgeable and a patient instructor. He made the training fun and enjoyable.

- APAC Partner

Great Training which help to understand detail level of IIQ workflows and provisioning concepts and excellent lab exercises. Very good Learning from this training.

- EMEA Partner

Great course

- Americas Customer

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