IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configurations

IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configurations


IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configurations is specifically designed for technical individuals who have completed IdentityNow Essentials training and desire more advanced knowledge of IdentityNow configuration activities. Topics include REST API calls, transforms, event triggers and common troubleshooting activities used during advanced configuration efforts.


Topics are covered through:

  • instructor-led presentations
  • class discussions
  • product demonstrations
  • detailed, hands-on exercises using a live IdentityNow tenant for each student

IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configurations is led by our highly experienced SailPoint team and can be delivered remotely or in person at SailPoint facilities around the globe or at your site.  

IdentityNow Training – Special Consideration

If you took the course IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Essentials, you will be better served by taking the IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced training rather than this class. This ensures that you don't miss content that was re-organized in the current update of our IdentityNow training curriculum.

IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Essentials was replaced by IdentityNow Essentials, and IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced was replaced by IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configuration. Administration content that was included in IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced was moved to IdentityNow Essentials. With the shift of all standard administration content to IdentityNow Essentials, IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configurations does not target administrators, and instead focuses on technical implementers.


2 Days


Participants in this course will cover the following topics:

  1. Performing advanced configurations accessing IdentityNow’s data using REST API calls, including
    1. Navigating SailPoint’s developer community
    2. Utilizing SailPoint’s API reference
    3. Employing IdentityNow REST API tools
    4. Configuring Postman to interact with an IdentityNow tenant
    5. Using a REST API client, send calls to an IdentityNow tenant
    6. Configuring IdentityNow using REST API calls
    7. Provisioning to connected sources
    8. Manage sources in IdentityNow
    9. Troubleshooting common issues when interacting via REST API
  2. Using correct syntax to construct advanced IdentityNow search queries with the REST API covers:
    1. Using expanded search features to prepare policies with REST APIs
    2. Describing IdentityNow’s recommendation engine with REST APIs
    3. Troubleshooting search query failures with REST APIs
  3. Deploy transforms in an IdentityNow tenant covers transform design, deployment and testing.  This includes:
    1. Explaining what an IdentityNow transform does
    2. Explaining how transforms and rules can interact
    3. Viewing available transforms
    4. Creating a new transform via REST API
    5. Testing a new transform
    6. Updating an IdentityNow transform
    7. Correcting common issues found during testing of transforms
  4. Utilize IdentityNow’s Event Trigger functionality includes:
    1. Explaining the purpose of event triggers
    2. Subscribing to event triggers
    3. Responding to an event trigger using workflows
      1. Initiating a trigger test invocation
    4. Troubleshooting common event trigger configuration errors


The ideal student for this course is a member of the technical IdentityNow implementation team who will focus on advanced configuration efforts such as integrations or tools development via REST API, transformations, and event triggers while performing troubleshooting activities. This can include technical implementers, solution architects, and developers.



You must provide proof that you have completed or are about to complete the prerequisite course, IdentityNow Essentials (or its predecessor IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Essentials), prior to the start date. Contact by 14 calendar days before the class start with any one of the following:

Your enrollment will be cancelled, and your payment will not be refunded, if you fail to comply with the prerequisites for this course.

If you have any questions, or to request an exception, contact

Setup Requirements

Participants in this training should prepare for the event using the following list.

  • Provide a headset with a microphone
  • Ensure your device’s browser and operating systems meet the minimum requirements
  • Confirm that you can access the training domains which may be used for IdentityNow tenants
    • https://*
    • https://*
  • Locally installed instance of Postman, a REST API client.
  • Locally installed text file editor or coding environment of your preference (i.e. TextWrangler)
  • Local admin rights on provided computer may be necessary
  • Download RESOURCES from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment

Additional Notes

  • Remote courses are delivered with remote attendance technologies and require that each student have a computer with high-quality internet access. A headset that includes a microphone is highly recommended.
  • Content is available one week prior to course start date.

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The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I nearly fell behind on day 2 due to FIOS failure and my need to relocate to a Starbucks. She went the extra mile to help me catch up with the practical exercises in the remaining time, with a looming vacation following the course.

- Americas Customer

The instructor delivered the training course in the most helpful and insightful way possible. She made sure everyone is engaged and that the student queries are all addressed in a timely manner.

- EMEA Partner

The instructor was great and openly welcomed questions. I highly recommend this course!

- EMEA Partner

This course is great for those who have some knowledge in IdN but want to dive deeper into integrating systems.

- EMEA Partner

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Excellent instructor. He explained things in simplistic terms and looked to ensure each student had a good understanding of the material being covered.

- Americas Customer

The instructor was great and openly welcomed questions. I highly recommend this course!

- EMEA Partner

Excellent instructor - she is kind, helpful, and relentlessly works to solve problems and answer complex questions. It was a pleasure to have her as an instructor for two courses and would definitely recommend her as an amazing instructor.

- Americas Partner

Having two instructors in this course was good, so that one instructor could take student issues to breakout rooms to work with individuals 1 to 1.

- Americas Customer

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