IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced

IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced


IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced is specifically designed for individuals who have been through IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Essentials training and desire more advanced knowledge of IdentityNow configuration and administration activities. Topics include REST API calls, Seaspray transforms, and common troubleshooting activities used during advanced configuration efforts.


Topics are covered through:

  • instructor-led presentations
  • class discussions
  • product demonstrations
  • detailed, hands-on exercises using a live IdentityNow tenant for each student

IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Advanced is led by our highly experienced SailPoint team and can be delivered remotely. To arrange a private class, contact your Customer Success Manager, or send a request to the Education team via the Support Portal.

IdentityNow Training – Special Consideration

This class is only appropriate for students who took the prerequisite course IdentityNow Implmentation and Administration: Essentials (which has been fully deprecated). If you took the course IdentityNow Essentials, then you will be better served with the course IdentityNow Implementation: Advanced Configuration. This course and IdentityNow Essentials contain overlapping content.





2 Days


Participants in this course will cover the following topics.

·       Advanced Implementation including:

o   Configuring tenant behavior

o   Loading environment data

o   Troubleshooting configuration issues

·       REST API communication with IdentityNow including:

o   Exploring tools and documentation provided with IdentityNow

o   Employing a REST API client of the student’s preference (Postman is suggested)

o   Submitting a variety of REST API calls into the IdentityNow tenant

o   Experimenting with multiple authentication methods available to the API

·       Troubleshooting and Debugging with available troubleshooting and debugging tools. This topic includes:

o   Troubleshooting Identity exceptions

o   Enabling debugging mode on Virtual Appliances

o   Examining recent system activities

o   Evaluating common warnings and errors

·       Branding covers configuring IdentityNow to match corporate “look and feel” by inserting standard branding content into the tenant.

o   Updating naming, colors and graphics used in the user interface

o   Updating standard email templates with graphics and preferred addresses

o   Supporting multiple corporate/subsidiary brands

·       Searching includes:

o   Allowing students to experiment with different search queries as an introduction to the identity data model

o   Understanding syntax required to perform searches via the UI

o   Using advanced interactions with your browser to view system-initiated API calls and translating those calls into a REST API client

·       Building a Transform covers Seaspray transform design, deployment, and testing. This includes:

o   Viewing currently available transforms

o   Following the data flow from a flat file, into and through IdentityNow

o   Understanding how a transform is used in an Identity Profile

o   Planning and designing the implementation of a new transform

o   Creating a new transform in the tenant via REST API

o   Updating a transform


The ideal student for this course is a member of the technical IdentityNow implementation team who will focus on advanced configuration efforts such as integrations or tools development via REST API, Seaspray transformations, and troubleshooting activities. This can include technical implementers, solution architects, and members of an IdentityNow administration team.



  • IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Essentials
  • Solid knowledge of IdentityNow concepts and architecture
  • Experience testing/integrating with REST APIs
  • Experience with systems implementation activities
  • Experience with scripting or coding language syntax

You must provide proof that you have completed or are about to complete the prerequisite course, IdentityNow Implementation and Administration: Essentials, prior to the start date. Contact by 14 calendar days before the class start with any one of the following:

  • The proof of completion you received from Identity University, which is stored in your Identity University account
  • The date and location where you took the prerequisite course
  • Your current confirmed Identity University enrollment in the prerequisite course

Your enrollment will be cancelled, and your payment will not be refunded, if you fail to comply with the prerequisites for this course.

If you have any questions, or to request an exception, contact

Setup Requirements

  • Provide a headset with a microphone
  • Ensure your device’s browser and operating systems meet the minimum requirements.
  • Locally installed REST API client of your preference (i.e. Postman)
  • Locally installed text file editor or coding environment of your preference (i.e. TextWrangler)
  • Local admin rights on provided computer may be necessary
  • Download Artifacts from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment
  • Download Exercises from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment
  • Download Presentations from the MATERIALS list in your Identity University course enrollment

Additional Notes

  • Remote courses are delivered with remote attendance technologies and require that each student have a computer with high-quality internet access. A headset that includes a microphone is highly recommended.
  • Content is available one week prior to course start date.
  • Access to student environments is available for one week following the course end date. Access must be coordinated with your instructor to ensure virtual machines are started.

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One of the best courses, you learn a lot because the instructor has a lot of knowledge.

- EMEA Partner

The instructor I had was great. Very informative and engaging and knowledgable of what they were teaching. I enjoyed the class and the enthusiasm they brought every day, and will definitely come back for more training content.

- Americas Customer

A great class. The trainer did an excellent job of giving us real world examples. The labs were set up to engage us instead of just copying instructions from a manual.

- Americas Customer

The course is very practical and hands-on. Highly recommended.

- APAC Partner

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The instructor did a great Job! :)

- Americas Customer

The course is very practical and hands-on. Highly recommended.

- APAC Partner

Exercise's in this training got me closer to Identity Now, thanks to the instructor and SailPoint Training team.

- EMEA Partner

It's a very well organised course and covers a good quantity of topics. Good for someone who's looking for deeper insights into IdentityNow.

- APAC Partner

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