Training Credits and U.S. Sales Taxes

Training credits perform like a prepaid or debit card for your SailPoint training. Setup a central account for your annual training needs, and top-up when your account runs low. You manage the account by approving consumption requests, monitoring regular balance statements and purchasing more as needed.

And don't forget about the taxes. Many US-based state and local governments impose taxes on purchases of certain training. Our enrollment system can help you determine how this applies to you. When paying with training credits one could find that instead of, say 16 credits due at checkout, 17.2 credits are due because of added sales tax.

Therefore, It is prudent to account for sales tax when determining the number of training credits needed to meet your SailPoint training budget. This can be assessed from inside Identity University™ by using the "Save as Quote" feature at checkout to capture any applicable sales taxes without actually paying anything.

Training credits for Learners
Training credits for Account Owners

To purchase Training Credits, you must be logged into Identity University™.